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Some basic information and 6 tips on how to use E-Quote

#1 We will never under any circumstances give out your personal information!!!

#2 We need you to fill in ALL the information so we can determine the best price for shipping / handling. In the event you don't, we will estimate your shipping / handling at 9% of the quote, which may not reflect the true cost. If the destination is different from your home address please indicate that in comments so you don't have a 1,000 pound engine sitting on your front porch.

#3 Why do we need to know what you have now? So that there are no suprises, different specification changes, (ie...different flywheels have always been a good one). Basically we strive to make you happy and this info will help us do just that. So make sure you give as much information as possible (ie...... Make, Model, Year, Serial # ).

#4 To make sure that we all ( meaning you and us ) are on the same page, when it comes to your new engine, outdrive, or transmission. We suggest that you click,copy,and paste your selection in this form. Its a sure fire way for us to make sure that we know what you want.

#5 Comments we all have them and we want to hear yours. The more information we get as to what you can tell us, the better off you'll be. You also may use the comment section to request service, such as installation. We have traveled and will travel almost anywhere to service our customers. So you people in the Virgin Islands don't feel bashful. We need to work on our tans.

#6 Finally, can't stand forms, computers, and the such? Then just pick up the phone and give us a call, we're all ears.

This Form in no way obligates you to buy, it is strictly a quote form and a request for service. If your itching to buy please state it in the comment section, and also indicate the method of payment. We will respond to you in the form of an E-mail. TT

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